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About me

General info

Real Name: Paul Eggleton
Point of Origin: Harrow, near London, UK
Current Location: Auckland, New Zealand

I enjoy writing Open Source software, watching movies, reading, listening to music, and I also like to go tramping. I have a full-time job at CJN Technologies, designing and developing software in Delphi.

I like all kinds of music, but my favourite music ranges from Jean-Michel Jarre to R.E.M., to Genesis / Phil Collins. Most of the time, though, I like to listen to MP3s, MODs, and MIDIs, especially music from PC games.

One of my other hobbies is electronics. I've also designed, built and installed security systems.

Weird fact

In my last year at school I received a mock award for "Most likely to be remembered for hacking into FBI files just to see if he could, and then having an X-Files episode based on the occurrence with special guest star William Shatner."


Things I am working on right now (warning, geeky stuff ahead!):

Stuff I have worked on in the past:

Favourite movies

I watch quite a lot of movies, and have a growing DVD collection. Here are my favourites though:

Favourite Games

My top 4 favourite (PC) games of all time are:

Favourite books

I'm mainly into fiction books (sci-fi, fantasy, action-adventure). I also read a lot of non-fiction, especially biographies/autobiographies, and books about intelligence and spying. Some of my favourite fiction books and authors are:

Contacting me

There are several ways to get in touch with me if you want to - and don't hesitate to do so if you've got something to say! Perhaps we share some common interests... or maybe you're someone I know who I haven't talked to for ages.


You can email me using the address bluelightning at


I often hang out on in #opie,, and #lugradio as well as other channels from time to time.


I also occasionally use ICQ, and my UIN is 917620. If you've got ICQ you can chat me (if you try to add me to your contact list, please tell me who you are when you request authorisation, and that you've been to my page or something like that. Thanks!).


Ye olde guestbook is here.