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Thursday, 9 June 2005

-I've put up a blog at Hopefully it'll be easier for me to edit and thus update more often. When I figure out how, I would like to merge that blog with this page dynamically, or failing that, host my blog here.

Wednesday, 22 April 2004

-Well I went to a party on Saturday, and something, well, interesting happened. Actually two things happened, the first of which I'm not very happy about and the second of which is kinda cool and bad at the same time. Such is the nature of drunkenness, but the event has occupied my thoughts this entire week. The second thing might have a continuation, but we'll just have to see. (Sorry, that was deliciously vague, wasn't it?). BTW the song "Pride (In The Name Of Love)" by U2 rocks. (Funny how ordinary songs, even bad songs, sound better when you associate them with an event.)
-Anyway, now I have that out of the way... geez, it's been a long time - over a year in fact. A few things have happened since then, most notably my car accident - I rear-ended someone in central Auckland last September. Nobody was hurt, but being on 3rd party only insurance it was an expensive lesson about keeping following distances. I've become involved in GeekNZ, running LAN events in Auckland. Plus lots of other minor bits and pieces I should have written down at the time but didn't.
-My eBox has evolved a little - writing eboxy takes up about 60% of my spare time these days. I'm currently readying a new Shuttle machine to be the new eBox, in fact - more later.
-I'm hoping to finally get a digital camera soon so expect a deluge of silly photos (the ones on my gallery are way out of date now).
-Equilibrium is truly brilliant. You must see it. Go down to your local video shop *now* and rent it.

Wednesday, 9 April 2003

-Well, you wouldn't believe it, but until the last part of 2002, I couldn't drive a car at all. Finally, after years of putting it off, on Friday I got my restricted driver's licence, which means I can now drive on my own. Freedom is a great thing :-)
-I had to move the site to a new provider - the old one went down and the admin has gone AWOL. is now hosted by Pair Networks.
-I bought myself a Compaq iPAQ H3970 PDA. Having tried the Microsoft Pocket PC 2002 OS which comes pre-installed, which I was not satisfied with, I now have Familiar Linux 0.7 with the Opie palmtop platform installed. There was a bit of messing around to set it up, and some glitches such as sound not working initially. However I am fairly satisfied with it now, and bugs are being fixed quickly. (I would have considered a Sharp Zaurus, except Sharp hasn't had the sense to start selling them in New Zealand yet, which is a shame). So far, it's been more of a toy than something useful, as I expected. Linux on the iPAQ is fully featured, containing the usual PIM apps as well as lots of others (media players, games, document viewers etc.) as well as fairly good hardware support.
-I've been pretty busy with various things lately, but by far the most time has been spent on my eBox project, more specifically eboxy. It's been much more time-consuming and involved than I'd originally expected, especially since other people are now interested in using it (and are using it). That said, it keeps me from being bored. :-)

Sunday, 26 May 2002

-Welcome to the new site! As you'll notice, it's a lot simpler than the old design. Let me know what you think.
-As you've also no doubt noticed, I've moved the site to a new, permanent home at Hosting is provided by Murderapolis. So now you can find me at a proper address, but most importantly, there will be no more ads! That's what annoyed me the most about being on GeoCities or any other free provider, an no doubt annoyed site visitors too.
- I also have a new email address. To email me, you should now use Simple as that. :-)
-The eBox site (about my entertainment PC project) has been moved and updated. I will not be posting any more updates about it here unless something major happens, since there is detailed news and status information on the eBox site itself.
-Some of the content on my old site hasn't been moved across yet, including the games pages. Some of it will be retired as the content is really old, but the rest of it will be put up mostly unaltered.
-I've seen Star Wars: Attack of the Clones twice now. IMO, it is a worthy member of the Star Wars universe, unlike The Phantom Menace. New Zealanders will notice just one or two familiar faces however :-) - in fact, it seems NZ has had quite a bit of Hollywood exposure lately (what with Lord of the Rings and Cliff Curtis playing a Colombian terrorist in Collateral Damage, although the latter movie was a bit pathetic).
-I finally did some work on my game - I started building the map for the first mission using Valve Hammer Editor and Crystal Space. I'm not seriously putting time into this yet as I have my hands full with the eBox, but I think the time has come to actually get something solid done (after about 6 years of talking about making it). It's just a very basic structure at the moment, so no screenshots. More details to follow.