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Photo gallery

This page is hugely out of date. Until I can be bothered setting up a Flickr account properly it'll have to do, sorry ;)

Click on any of the thumbnails below for a larger image.

My house

Front of houseThe front of the house as seen from the driveway, showing the garage. View from back deckView from the back deck. The "mountain" in the distance is Rangitoto island, a dormant volcano.
The bushThe bush at the back of the house. It's more like a jungle really (mostly without wild animals though), but it's always called bush in NZ. The fortThe "fort", down in the bush. My father and I built this for my sister and I to sleep out in when I was about 10. It's now full of rusty garden tools and spiders, so not much good for sleeping in anymore. Still, memories :)
My PCMy computer of years ago (spot the 5 1/4" drive, woot!) My roomMy room (as it was years ago) which I hardly ever visit except to sleep in. I tried to do a "panorama" looking in from the door. It didn't work very well, in reality it's a lot smaller than it looks here.

Trip photos

Dad and meMy Dad and I next to the Chevrolet Cavalier we drove almost all the way across the USA. (Heh, don't we look young - this was back in 2000). Harrow, EnglandHarrow, England, the town near London where I was born and lived for 7 years.