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This site covers my eBox (entertainment box) - in short, a quiet PC that I can put in the lounge to play DVDs, record TV, play MP3s and CDs. I set out from the start to build the eBox using Linux and as many modifications to the case and careful purchases to reduce the noise as possible. The unit would be controlled almost exclusively from a normal-size infra-red remote control, and would have some sort of GUI interface suitable for use on a TV with the remote. The eBox is currently a work in progress - see the status and news pages for how things are going. One of the major parts of the eBox project is now my eboxy software package that provides menus with which to control it.

In these pages I will attempt to provide as much information as I can as to how I've done things, to help others interested in building similar machines. I've organised the site by function, so you can see exactly what you need in hardware and software to perform a specific task. Even if you're not using Linux for your project, there should be some useful information here particularly in the hardware mods section and in the hardware info on each of the function pages. I am happy to answer any questions to the best of my ability, so drop me an email if you'd like to ask something or have a suggestion.

Standard disclaimer: I accept absolutely no responsibility and disclaim all liability for any problems you might have, damage/injury that might occur, etc. as a result of making use of what I have written here. Follow these instructions entirely at your own risk. (Sorry, had to be said).